Larry’s new blog

Well I did it!

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a few weeks now, finally I found the time to figure it out.

What do you know, the setup here at wordpress is so simple.

Also, I took a lot of time to think about a name. I picked the name “Cross, Crown, and Covenant” because it really gets to the heart of my Christian Faith.

Cross: The Cross speaks of redemption taking the wreckage of our lives and making something out of it. This January will make 21 years that I have been walking with Jesus Christ and in all that time, through my successes and my failures, He has never let me down. He continues His sanctifying work in my life making me a better Husband, Father, and Christian Man – all this because of the Cross where he purchased me. All I can say is His Amazing Grace, saved a wretch like me!

Crown: Anyone who knows a little about me, quickly learns that I am a Post-Millennialist. Jesus Christ is Lord of both Heaven and EARTH. I believe the Bible teaches that the gospel of Jesus Christ “will” triumph in “this world”. He is the Triumphant Ascended Risen Lord whom conquered sin and death and is seated “right now” at the right hand of the Father “waiting” until his enemies are made a footstool at his feet. In short I am very Optimistic that Christianity (The Kingdom of God) will eventually dominate the world! (1 Cor 15:24-28)

“For the Crown Rights of Christ the King” was the old Puritan battle cry. This precious truth of the triumph of the Kingdom of Christ gives me great hope in the mist of my circumstances, knowing that what I do in this life makes a difference for my King and the eventual triumph of His Kingdom through the Gospel in this world.

Covenant: In an age of individualism I believe we desperately need a proper understanding of “the covenant”.

In the Bible, God deals primarily “with families” not just individuals. How we view “the covenant” will affect the way we understand our relationship to God and our responsibilities to Him.

Here is how this works out one way practically: How do we deal with our children? Are they in “the covenant” or out?

If my child is “in” the covenant than I must “nurture” something that already is, I must treat my child as a part of the Christian family, if my child is not part of the covenant than I must treat my child as a pagan who needs to be “evangelized” and saved. When it comes to the way we raise our children the difference is huge!

I will have more to say about these things in up incoming posts…


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