2008 Pastor’s AAPC Conference

For the fourth year in a row Wayne (my Pastor) and I have decided to go again to the Annual Auburn Avenue Pastors Conference on January 7-9, 2008 in Monroe, Louisiana.

This year’s topic is “Liturgy and Life” They will address the questions “What is the role of liturgy in the life of the child of God?” And “what is the relationship and difference between liturgy and pastoral care”?

I called Pastor Steve Wilkins this week to further inquire about the conference. He mentioned one of the goal’s of the conference was that attendees would walk away with a greater appreciation of “how” we worship. We were created to worship and “How we worship” affects “how we live”, sloppy worship leads to sloppy living is what he said.

Even though I am a traditional “low Churchman” the topic sounds interesting enough and I am hoping to glean a little insight into the “how” and “why” of worship…

Stay tuned for more posts on the conference…



2 Responses

  1. Is this some new emergent church thing or what?

  2. Boy – I got a kick out of that – me at an emerging church conference, wow!

    No, Steve these guys are what I’d call Liturgical Presbyterians.

    The difference with the “Emerging Church” is they are interested in “form and experience only” and have gutted out any real “theological substance” or as one person used to say “symbolism without substance”

    Responsive readings, saying the creeds, four part singing, practicing weekly communion and benedictions might be “weird” for some evangelicals and baptists but they have always been a part of traditional presbyterian and reformed worship.

    For many years as an evangelical I never appreciated how the things we do (all churches have some kind of liturgy) in the Sunday service communicate what we believe and how important those things are to us.

    This is especially important for our children as they grow up in the church (thats if you have the children along side in the service) Children learn by what they see as well as what they hear.


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