Do you ever wonder if we can be manipulated?

Sometimes I wonder if it can happen today.

Even if you don’t think so, you’ll enjoy this video!



2 Responses

  1. Larry,

    I agree that there is widespread disinformation, but I think there is an equivocation of the violence here.

    I’ll go back to what I think it was Sitting Bull said (although it might have been Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce) “If you had sent the missionaries in front of your soldiers there would have made for less blood shed…” Islam will only be overcome by the spreading of the Crown Rights of the King of Kings over the whole earth.


  2. Amen, Dave…

    With the Indians, early missionaries carrying the Gospel made many advances, it wasn’t until we started sending armies that the Indians became embittered towards us and our faith.

    Do you think Moslems in Islamic countries are starting to feel the same way about us now?


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