We’re for Ron Paul

If you don’t know it already, Sandy, Lucas, and I are Ron Paul supporters. We don’t necessarily agree with everything Ron Paul supports (Lucas disagrees with his position on the war) but Dr. Paul in our opinion is a political breath of fresh air.

Ron Paul is not your typical pandering politician he, as one blogger said “wakes up in the morning knowing what he thinks, and what that is, is a function of his reading and study. He has real positions that were not handed to him by his staff.”

Dr. Paul is a pro-life Christian, you can read his statement of faith here. For 20 years in the House of Representatives Ron Paul has been the most principled consistent politician I have seen. Do a Google search and on his record and you’ll see what I mean.

Lately many Christians have been coming out in favor of Mike Huckabee. My problem with Huckabee is he is a typical “Big Government” insider.

Huckabee is Socially Conservative except on education in which he is a liberal and a big NEA supporter, he is a fiscal socialist who is called by some the “The Biggest Big-Government Conservative. Huckabee will empower the already over controlling Government establishment.

What many Christians don’t get is that our religious liberties (liberty of conscience) are directly related to the power and size of our Government. Bigger and more powerful governments that restrict “civil liberties”, will also restrict “religious liberties”, the two go hand in hand. If we as a people want to preserve our liberty and if you as a parent want the liberty to raise your children according to your convictions, than Mike Huckabee is a step in the wrong direction.

As a multi-generational thinker this is what scares me most about Mike Huckabee. Generation by generation we are creating a totalitarian state with unlimited power, power to control the church and family, is this the political heritage we want to leave to our posterity?

You might not agree with Dr. Paul on everything, but if you love your religious liberty, Ron Paul is as close to a Christian constitutional statesman that we have seen in a long time.

Dr. Paul has the experience and track record to prove it and can win!


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