The Real Jesus (DVD)

A Defense of the Historicity and Divinity of Christ

I just received my DVD copy of “The Real Jesus” DVD produced by the Apologetics Group These same folks produced “Amazing Grace: The History and Theology of Calvinism” DVD which I highly recommend. So far I have watched the first hour (of four hours) and am looking forward to the rest. I have posted a portion of the intro if you are curious.

You can find the rest the clips at The Forerunner website.

PS The you tube video contains opening comments from “Joel and Ariel” which are not in the DVD if you buy it…


3 Responses

  1. Hi, this is Jay Rogers and I am the writer, producer and editor (also the co-producer with Eric Holmberg) of The Real Jesus DVD.

    I appreciate your help with this review. I’d like you to change the contact information to:


  2. Jay,

    Thanks for the clarification!

    I went ahead and made the changes.

    God bless you and your ministry!


  3. Grace and Peace in Jesus Name,

    The link that you have posted for (These same folks produced “Amazing Grace: The History and Theology of Calvinism”) actually doesn’t go to the official producers website. The website that the link goes to a website which is controlled by someone who is not affiliated with the production company (owned by Eric Holmberg, founder and director of TAG) which actually produced the video. The link leads to another web store that carries the Video and which is run by someone who used to be employed by The Apologetics Group. It did not produce the video.

    The production company that actually produced “Amazing Grace: The History and Theology of Calvinism” is officially The Apologetics Group ( ).

    You can contact me at the email I supplied to get more info on this if you have questions about this. I appreciate your attention in this matter.


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