2008 AAPC Pastor’s Conference

Its about 11pm and I’m plum tuckered out, I’ve been getting ready all day to leave tomorrow for our trip to Monroe, Louisiana. I washed and detailed the car, got an oil change, pickup a few things at Wal-Mart, packed my stuff and burned 16 sermon CD’s for the trip.

Wayne and I are leaving on Sunday morning around 8 am. We decided to go to Church at Family of Faith Church in Monee, IL (about 90 min south) on our way down. FOF Church is a “Family Integrated / Home Discipleship Church” and we wanted to see it in action. Pastor Henry Reyenga, has started a ministry called “Christian Leaders” and has written a book called “The Spontaneous Spread of Home Discipleship Christianity” which I recommend, it is available for free if you ask. If you get a chance spend a little time on their websites if you are interested.

From Monee its off to Missouri for the night – then on to Louisiana for the Conference. Our first session is at 7pm and I am looking forward to it.

I wont be back till Thursday eve, until then good riddens!!!



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