Steve Schlissel on 1 Samuel Chapters 4 – 6

When Jesus said that it is written in the scripture, that He will be buried and on the third day he will rise from the dead! Here is one example:

The ark was captured by the Philistines, and the glory had departed from Israel:

That which made Israel special, was now gone.

The mother of Ichabod, as she was giving birth heard the news that the ark had been captured, her husband and brother-in-law had been killed and her father-in-law Eli, upon hearing the news, had fallen down and broken his neck and been killed. As all this happens she hears the news and says my son is named “Ichabod” (where is the glory? the glory is gone from Israel) She understood the implications perfectly!

And when they brought the ark of God, they put him into the polluted station of dagon the false god of the Philistines. Our “God” was a prisoner of war, he was behind bars, kept in a jail in a prison.

God, the mighty warrior who defeated Pharaoh and who drowned the hordes of Egypt in the red sea. Was now a helpless pathetic victim who had been brought through the streets of the Philistines-on display for all of them to see so that they could mock him and deride him because they had told their troops take heart, have courage, don’t let these Jews beat you now, their God who beat the Egyptians, is not going to beat us.

They had succeeded in beating him and bringing him into captivity, and putting him at the feet of their god.

So things looked pretty bad in Israel. That woman, Ichabod’s mother got it right, she understood it.

But after two nights in dagon’s house, God had wreaked havoc, He destroyed the place, “knocked his block off”, “took his arms off” and gave tumors to everyone in town!

So it seems as if God was not helpless after all. The appearance was, that he was defeated; the appearance was that he was gone, out of sight.

But in the dark, in secret, in ways that were not subject to human detection, God was working, and God is working even now in secret, in ways that we don’t understand, even now, He is doing things in this world leading toward the conclusions that He has predetermined by His Sovereign will, which is always good and always wise, and He will bring history toward is terminate as He had determined, there is nothing that can be done to stop it.

God is never captive to anyone, certainly not to human reason, and certainly not to the Philistines. And so when God showed that for two nights, He was a prisoner – and then emerged – so that they were looking for anyway to get Him back to Israel:

This is one way Jesus showed that it is written in the scripture, that He will be buried and on the third day he will rise from the dead!


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