Homeschooling Blamed for the Death of 4 Children?

The NY Times published an article by Jane Gross the other day titled “Lack of Supervision Noted in Deaths of Home-Schooled”, in it she basically blamed homeschooling for the death of 4 children and calls for government supervision/regulation.

Olivia St. John at World Net Daily published a response called “Homeschoolers to nosey bureaucrats; Bug off” rightly asks who’s going to “supervise” the Government Schools? She also mentions the violence, theft, threats, homicides and teachers sexually preying on thier students in the government school system.

People like Jane Gross vainly imagine that they can legislate crime out of existence.

Does she or people like her really believe that if there were some kind of “regulation” or “supervision” of home schoolers that it would have prevented this Mother from murdering her children?

Only when it comes to Christianity will these folks say “you can’t legislate morality” (which is nonsense anyhow) – well if you can’t legislate morality why don’t they take a bit of their own advice?

These people need to “supervise” their own first and take the proverbial log out of their own eye before they try to take it out of others…



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