Chicagoland is Looking Forward to Another 9”-12” of Snow


Last weekend we were hit with approximately 12” of snow,

and just when we finally got it under control here on the Campus,

we are going to get another 24hr snowfall!


4 Responses

  1. Toughen up Lar! What’s a little snow. In our parts your talking about a light dusting!

  2. Ah the days of snow, here we hit the 60s and we aren’t supposed to get below freezing again until tomorrow. But heck this is Ohio so we’ll get snow on Thursday, nothing like what Larry is getting, but hey here we get .0000000000000000001 of an inch and the people freak out as if someone in Ohio has never seen the stuff.

  3. Well my glee has backfired, I’ve had a fever the last two days and now I have an earache, which I have not had since I was in elementary school!

  4. This is the worst snow I’ve had since I’ve been here…

    Its wet and heavy and even the four wheel drive plows are having a hard time pushing this nasty stuff…

    They canceled afternoon classes (at my request) People are having a hard time getting even out of their spots…

    You all are missing all the fun!

    Steve O, Dusting? Its raining buckets of slush!

    Dave – sorry to hear about your ear (no pun intended)


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