The Three “C’s”

As preachers of the Gospel let us not run from the three

“C’s” of “Conflict, Controversy and Confrontation”

to embrace the three

“C’s” of “Comfort, Cowardice, and Compromise”

The enemies of the gospel will use the banner of Christianity or Christian words or phrases; mercy, kindness, brotherly love, Christian duty. They use them when it suits them. They really mean something else when they use them. These enemies of the gospel will embrace all sorts of unrighteousness and lifestyles contrary to the law of God.

 A Christianity that is  in conflict with the scriptures is no Christianity at all.

 R. Terry 


One Response

  1. An excellent post – and quite accurate. It is unfortunate that people will hide under the banner of Christ while living sinful lives and practicing deceit. It is an affront to Christ and tramples his Blood underfoot – not to mention it makes Christ’s work look ineffectual to the worldly, thereby affirming their lifestyles as perfectly okay.

    As Christians, we should not be afraid to confront sin in the House of God just as strongly and boldly as we point it out in the world. Those who call themselves teachers are even more responsible as they have been entrusted with the word of Truth and it’s interpretation and practical application to all of life.

    Great blog!

    In His Grip – The Reformed Faith Weblog

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