Who Says You Can’t Legislate Morality…

It is my contention that if you cannot legislate morality then you cannot legislate. All legislation is the codification of someone’s morality.


Case in point:

Swedish prostitution ban successful


It may be the land of blondes and sexual permissiveness, but a ban on prostitution in Sweden may show other nations how to do it successfully.
According to an article in Life Site News, Sweden criminalized prostitution in 1999 and has nearly wiped out the practice, using a unique legal approach. Instead of targeting the prostitutes themselves, lawmakers decriminalized the selling of sex by women and criminalized buying sex or trafficking in it.
As the government’s own explanation of the policy put it: “In Sweden prostitution is regarded as an aspect of male violence against women and children.
“It is officially acknowledged as a form of exploitation of women and children and constitutes a significant social problem. … Gender equality will remain unattainable so long as men buy, sell and exploit women and children by prostituting them.”
The penalties for buying sex are heavy, according to Life Site News. For those who are convicted of either paying for sex or brokering sex-for-pay, the sentences are 6 months in prison for “johns,” 6 years for pimps, and 10 years for traffickers.
Jonas Trolle, a law enforcement official in Stockholm, said, “We have significantly less prostitution than our neighboring countries, even if we take into account the fact that some of it happens underground. We only have between 105 and 130 women – both on the Internet and on the street – active [in prostitution] in Stockholm today. In Oslo [Norway], it’s 5,000.”


From www.onenewsnow.com and (www.lifesite.net, 11/15/07)




A few questions arise…

Should Christianity be legislated? I ask why not? Is Christian morality (Christian ethics) superior to all other competitors? Why not? Is that Christian morality good for the unregenerate masses of people if it is legislated? Why not?

The Miracle of Dunkirk

Yesterday, I was privileged to attend Liberty Days. Liberty Days is an annual celebration and reminder of the heritage and liberties we have as Americans. The annual event is hosted by the Erber’s who are a prominent homeschooling family in Illinois and generally it is attended by many Godly homeschooling families here in the midwest. There were about 500 people there yesterday to celebrate liberty and hear the featured speaker Marshal Foster of the Mayflower Institute.

In one of Marshall’s lectures he told this amazing story of providence, which is often called “The Miracle of Dunkirk”:


It was 24/7 sheer terror and panic for the mothers of the English Empire in 1940. They had just lost 878,000 of their sons 20 years before in WWI. And now the Nazis were enslaving virtually all of Europe in May and June of 1940. The bloodiest war in history was unfolding before them and again these mothers would have to offer their most precious resource to, as Winston Churchill said, “save Christian civilization.”

As the Germans invaded Poland, the English and French were forced to declare war on Germany and the British sent over their army to defend France. On May 1st of 1940, Adolph Hitler’s Army launched an all out attack called the Blitzkrieg. Within 2 weeks the Panzer Tank Divisions had reached the English Channel, pouring like a flood through the French and Belgium troops, leaving the British Expeditionary force, over 300,000 men, pinned against the ocean. All the ports had been destroyed and the matchless English Navy was helpless to approach the shallow shoreline for a rescue. Several British generals said that “only a miracle” could save their beleaguered forces.

It seemed certain that the flower of Britain’s Army would be lost. Prime Minister Winston Churchill said that they would be fortunate to get 20,000 of their men back over the channel before they were destroyed.

In desperation, on May 26, King George VI declared a National Day of Prayer for deliverance, for the hopelessly stranded British troops. The Archbishop of Canterbury led prayers from Westminster Abbey. The service was broadcast across the nation by the BBC. Churches opened their doors for prayer.

Shocked at the plight of their soldiers, the British people stopped everything to pray. But, as the formerly proud British lay humbly before the Lord that day, a series of events was already unfolding that would change the course of human history.

With certain victory within their grasp, Hitler suddenly halted German tanks just 20 miles from Dunkirk. Acting irrationally against his generals’ advice, he chose his air force instead to finish the annihilation.

But just as the planes were taking off, a severe thunderstorm grounded the German planes and extremely thick fog blanketed the area making the normally violent English Channel so calm that even the smallest boats could sail on it without risk of capsizing.

For nine days, the calm and foggy English Channel made it possible for anything that would float — tugboats, yachts, pleasure boats — even the smallest of crafts — as well as naval vessels — sail the English Channel and ferry 335,000 troops from the shallow beaches at Dunkirk back to England.

The whole time the fog grounded the Nazi airplanes so they couldn’t effectively see targets to bomb them.

As the allied troops arrived back in England, they were greeted as heroes. All of England knew they had witnessed a miracle. Winston Churchill called it a “miracle of deliverance.” In 1943, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev. Temple, declared “Why has God preserved us? We may, and we must, believe that He, who has preserved our land in a manor so marvelous, has a purpose for us to serve in the preparation for His perfect Kingdom.”

(taken from various websites)

Review of Ben Stein’s New Movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”

Last week I was able to go to a test screening of the movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” which opens in theaters Friday April 18th.


All I can say is that Ben Stein has put together a masterful documentary mixing a bit of satire with a serious topic. Ben’s dry humor was perfect for this type of undertaking.

The movie isn’t so much about ID (Intelligent Design) as it is about just how bad atheistic bigotry is in the academic institutions of this country.

The atheistic community will stop at no ends to stop any scientific inquiry if it questions current darwinian dogma. It shows how these folks will slander, lie, or destroy anyone who doesn’t tow the “purely naturalistic” line. As Ben points out, when it comes to what they deem as “science” – free speech, free expression, and free inquiry in is out of the the question. For them there is no debate.

I personally found the movie thoroughly enjoyable. However, if I were an atheist, I would have a hard time sitting through this movie as Ben continually pokes fun at their blatant bigotry, idiotic arguments, and showing just how silly they really are. Ben also unapologetically shows how darwinian “natural selection” dogma – if it is taken to its logical extreme, produces ideologies like eugenics and Nazi Aryanism (look under “The Holocaust”) (also see “Action T4” here and “Racial hygine” here)

So for a good night of seriousness and fun, I suggest you bring your atheist friends along and watch them squirm and get all flustered, just like the leading proponent of atheism, Richard Dawkins did when Ben questioned him in the movie.

Also as an aside, atheists have been gearing up for this movie for a long time now, trying to discourage and discredit the movie before it even comes out. (There has been atheists trolling blogs with the movie title in it for months – I had one here, see my other posts on the subject under “Answering Atheism and Evolution“)

Currently these folks are trying to stir up a bit of controversy with the movie already (which never hurts a movie now days) see here and here.


(If you would like to see a trailer of the movie go here)

BTW: I say to all you atheists, as I said to my atheist friend “onein6billion”on this blog: “Do you remember when the Catholic Church defended Aristotle’s geocentric world-view? How does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot – defending the old stinky outdated fairy-tale “origin stories” of biological evolution?”

The New Soviet Union: Canada

Look to Canada if you want to understand where political correctness will take America. If liberals ever get complete control of the political machinery in this country, this is where they will take us.


Take a look at these two articles from WorldNetDaily, the first one is titled “Canada Orders Ministry by Christians Shut Down” And “Regulators Assault Plan puts Church in Crosshairs”.

May God raise up Christian Statesman in this land – men who will fight in the political arena for the peace of the church, so that she may preach the Gospel without hindrance.

Pray for the peace of (the new) Jerusalem…


Hells Bells – in Church?

How long before they bring in the dancers?

Dallas Willard, Greg Bahnsen, Law and Theology

Christopher Neiswonger has an interesting post at Christian Theology blog (BTW for you TIU folks he is a TIU Law school guy) here is a quote:

Bringing together theology, and law, as you well know, is not at all easy, and antinomianism is overwhelmingly dominant in Christian culture. Part of the problem is that Christians have been persuaded that their best arguments are those that avoid Special Revelation as a source of ethical knowledge. But ethical knowledge is rooted in one’s view of man in relation to God and other men and this is not easy to know apart from Special Revelation. If we could easily know good and evil apart from Scripture, the Scriptures themselves become a needless redundancy. General Revelation makes sure that all men know, even if they suppress the truth in unrighteousness. But our inborn dilemma of being a fallen people leaves us un inclined to the good except in that which is conducive to our own selfish desire. As Augustine and Calvin wrote on such things, we of the City of God make laws against theft out of a Spiritual love for God and our neighbor; The City of Man, a merely natural city, makes laws against theft for their own selfish protection. This is where the two might meet in civics, even if not in intent, teleology, or understanding. This is the common ground for a common law.”

Read the complete post here…

Also, he has an excellent post titled “Presuppositionalism, Evidentialism, and Gordon H. Clark” which I highly recommend.


Homophobia Police in the Schools

This is where we are headed if these homosexual totalitarians get a hold the machinery of politics in America (and they are getting closer than ever)

If we think this is just going to go away then we have our head in the sand. These people are MILITANT and they mean business – if you possibly think they are going to leave the Church or our children alone think again: listen to this (4 minute) link for a live sample of what these folks are capable of…

We need more than ever Preachers and Evangelists who will thunder the Law of the living God to both the antinomian Church and the Culture – before we are all in their chains!

May God wake up the Church in America from her slumber…



Lesbian Ontario Education Minister Hires “Homophobia” Watchdog for Schools
Announced development at supportive Ontario Catholic Teachers meeting

By Hilary White and Steve Jalsevac

TORONTO, March 13, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Ontario’s education minister has hired a “homophobia” watchdog, Dr. Karen Mock, an expert in hate crimes, to monitor Ontario schools.

At the general meeting of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association earlier this week, Kathleen Wynne, a lesbian and homosexual activist, announced that Dr. Mock would be working to address “gender-based violence, sexual assault and homophobia issues” at schools.

“In 1996, [Conservative Ontario premier] Mike Harris expunged the word ‘equity’ from ministry documents,” Wynne said. “We have to introduce that so that teachers, parents and kids can function in this diverse society.”

Karen R. Mock, Ph D, is a researcher with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and the national director of the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada, an organization that has aligned itself with the homosexual political movement as part of its association with the leftist inspired interpretation of “human rights”.

The website of B’nai Brith Canada says, “Utilizing the League’s crisis response model and guidelines for community action, coalitions are formed and information shared on an ongoing basis to increase joint action against racism and anti-Semitism. Assistance is offered to aggrieved vulnerable groups including the Somali and the Gay & Lesbian communities.”

A major strategy of homosexual political activists has been to equate its goals with those of the US Civil Rights movement and the various organizations combating anti-Semitism, thus identifying themselves as an aggrieved class equivalent to racial minorities.

Hiring an equity officer for schools, said Wynne, was part of the Ontario government’s “Safe Schools” programme for which $43 million has been allotted for additional social workers and psychologists in schools.

Catholic schools have increasingly come under government scrutiny under suspicion of being hostile to the government’s insistence that homosexuality be accepted and taught as though it were the equivalent to racial differences and subject to “discrimination”.

Some Catholic schools in Ontario were criticised when they refused to participate in a questionnaire put forward by Canada’s foremost homosexual activist organization, EGALE, to assess whether they were conforming to the new requirements to tolerate the “gay lifestyle”.

The Toronto District Catholic School Board said this February that it will decline to participate in the EGALE school survey that probes students’ opinions on homosexuality and the level of acceptance of it at their schools.

Wynne was appointed to her position by Catholic Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty. McGuinty also appointed another openly homosexual MP, George Smitherman, as the province’s Health Minister.

The Ontario Premier has openly flaunted his strong support for both abortion and homosexuality while maintaining that he is a practising Catholic, attending mass and speaking at Catholic schools and other institutions. The province’s bishops have not called him to account for these serious violations of the faith and have, with rare exception, even refused to make any public comment on the issue.

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, in open opposition to Catholic teaching, has been a strong supporter of homosexual rights. It has gone so far as to join in an internationally reported legal action that forced an Oshawa Catholic school to permit a student to bring his homosexual lover to the school prom.

There is known to be a significant homosexual sub-culture within some of the Ontario Catholic school systems. The province’s school and Church leadership has been notably reluctant to address the issue despite many impassioned appeals from dismayed parents and faithful teachers over the past few decades.

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