Dallas Willard, Greg Bahnsen, Law and Theology

Christopher Neiswonger has an interesting post at Christian Theology blog (BTW for you TIU folks he is a TIU Law school guy) here is a quote:

Bringing together theology, and law, as you well know, is not at all easy, and antinomianism is overwhelmingly dominant in Christian culture. Part of the problem is that Christians have been persuaded that their best arguments are those that avoid Special Revelation as a source of ethical knowledge. But ethical knowledge is rooted in one’s view of man in relation to God and other men and this is not easy to know apart from Special Revelation. If we could easily know good and evil apart from Scripture, the Scriptures themselves become a needless redundancy. General Revelation makes sure that all men know, even if they suppress the truth in unrighteousness. But our inborn dilemma of being a fallen people leaves us un inclined to the good except in that which is conducive to our own selfish desire. As Augustine and Calvin wrote on such things, we of the City of God make laws against theft out of a Spiritual love for God and our neighbor; The City of Man, a merely natural city, makes laws against theft for their own selfish protection. This is where the two might meet in civics, even if not in intent, teleology, or understanding. This is the common ground for a common law.”

Read the complete post here…

Also, he has an excellent post titled “Presuppositionalism, Evidentialism, and Gordon H. Clark” which I highly recommend.



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