The Miracle of Dunkirk

Yesterday, I was privileged to attend Liberty Days. Liberty Days is an annual celebration and reminder of the heritage and liberties we have as Americans. The annual event is hosted by the Erber’s who are a prominent homeschooling family in Illinois and generally it is attended by many Godly homeschooling families here in the midwest. There were about 500 people there yesterday to celebrate liberty and hear the featured speaker Marshal Foster of the Mayflower Institute.

In one of Marshall’s lectures he told this amazing story of providence, which is often called “The Miracle of Dunkirk”:


It was 24/7 sheer terror and panic for the mothers of the English Empire in 1940. They had just lost 878,000 of their sons 20 years before in WWI. And now the Nazis were enslaving virtually all of Europe in May and June of 1940. The bloodiest war in history was unfolding before them and again these mothers would have to offer their most precious resource to, as Winston Churchill said, “save Christian civilization.”

As the Germans invaded Poland, the English and French were forced to declare war on Germany and the British sent over their army to defend France. On May 1st of 1940, Adolph Hitler’s Army launched an all out attack called the Blitzkrieg. Within 2 weeks the Panzer Tank Divisions had reached the English Channel, pouring like a flood through the French and Belgium troops, leaving the British Expeditionary force, over 300,000 men, pinned against the ocean. All the ports had been destroyed and the matchless English Navy was helpless to approach the shallow shoreline for a rescue. Several British generals said that “only a miracle” could save their beleaguered forces.

It seemed certain that the flower of Britain’s Army would be lost. Prime Minister Winston Churchill said that they would be fortunate to get 20,000 of their men back over the channel before they were destroyed.

In desperation, on May 26, King George VI declared a National Day of Prayer for deliverance, for the hopelessly stranded British troops. The Archbishop of Canterbury led prayers from Westminster Abbey. The service was broadcast across the nation by the BBC. Churches opened their doors for prayer.

Shocked at the plight of their soldiers, the British people stopped everything to pray. But, as the formerly proud British lay humbly before the Lord that day, a series of events was already unfolding that would change the course of human history.

With certain victory within their grasp, Hitler suddenly halted German tanks just 20 miles from Dunkirk. Acting irrationally against his generals’ advice, he chose his air force instead to finish the annihilation.

But just as the planes were taking off, a severe thunderstorm grounded the German planes and extremely thick fog blanketed the area making the normally violent English Channel so calm that even the smallest boats could sail on it without risk of capsizing.

For nine days, the calm and foggy English Channel made it possible for anything that would float — tugboats, yachts, pleasure boats — even the smallest of crafts — as well as naval vessels — sail the English Channel and ferry 335,000 troops from the shallow beaches at Dunkirk back to England.

The whole time the fog grounded the Nazi airplanes so they couldn’t effectively see targets to bomb them.

As the allied troops arrived back in England, they were greeted as heroes. All of England knew they had witnessed a miracle. Winston Churchill called it a “miracle of deliverance.” In 1943, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev. Temple, declared “Why has God preserved us? We may, and we must, believe that He, who has preserved our land in a manor so marvelous, has a purpose for us to serve in the preparation for His perfect Kingdom.”

(taken from various websites)

4 Responses

  1. Lar,

    I first met Marshall Foster years ago at a homeschool convention here in San Diego. He lit my heart on fire and I bought his video tapes and books. I since have learned more, but I have him to thank for much of my understanding of how God’s providence has brought liberty to the world through Christianity. He is a blessing for the church to have today, here in America.


  2. Kaz,

    He is a great teacher-speaker. He preaches the doctrine of providence, which has been forgotten in contemporary Christianity. He has, as you confirm, done much to stir the hearts of many today “to stand and behold the salvation of God.”

    Also, I recommend his talk on the “Holy Cause of Liberty” – it was awesome. Christ came to set men free!

  3. The “Holy Cause of Liberty” is the video tape set I purchased. LOL


  4. […] So many times in human history the situation has reached the point of seeming total hopelessness before God supernaturally dramatically changed the circumstances. (Think Valley Forge or Dunkirk.) […]

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