Small Town Warzone’s – Government Schools

From AFA:

18 year old Ryan Schallenberger of Chesterfield South Carolina which is a small town of about 1,500 people planned on blowing up his high school. “Authorities learned of the student’s plans to commit mass murder at his school. Police discovered a hate-filled journal lauding the Columbine High School killers, an audiotape to be played after he perished during his rampage, and a year’s worth of plans for the bombing that included a hand-drawn map of the school. Prosecutor Jay Hodge said, “The kid had the intellect and the means and the materials to carry it out.”

Here are a few links to the full story: Here and Here

This is what happens when you educate the mind but not the conscience.

Why do the American people continue place thier precious children to these warzones?


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