“The Good Wife’s Guide” – An Actual 1955 Good Housekeeping article

A friend sent this to me…

I’d like your reaction (maybe your wife’s reaction!)



13 Responses

  1. Well, believe it or not, I love this kind of stuff. I wish our country would get back to the true meaning of what each of our positions are as a husband and a wife, instead of all this “equality” garbage. This article however, was a little bit over the top. I fully agree with making a home a place where our husbands can come home and not think about their day at work, especially if it was a stressful day. It’s important to me to make sure that my home is that way for my husband, so I agree with a lot of the points made regarding that. But some of the comments about, “his topics of conversation being more important than ours, and not complaining if he stays out all night, etc.”, I just had to laugh.
    Unfortunately, you’ll never see anything even close to this in today’s “modern woman’s” magazines.

    • I agree. I hate it that both parents now have to work just to make it. I am 37 with 2 kids, 3 year old and 6 month old. I would actually like to just take care of the kids and house. Now we both have to work. I wish this country would go back to this trend of having the wife stay home with the kids and the man work, but then come home to comfort.

    • I agree with most of what I said but I myself agree completely with this article. I follow this article completely. And because of the respect I have for my husband he is happy to come home after work so I would have to worry about him staying out all night. I really didn’t think I would find another woman who would think like I do.

  2. Deb,

    What I find interesting is how this magazine went from a magazine that was primarily marketed to homemakers, to a “house and home” type magazine.This has probably happened over the past few decades as the high calling of being a “homemaker” as a career been ridiculed.

    There is however a fairly popular (at least in Christian circles) modern womens magazine that is dedicated to wives, mothers and homemakers called “Above Rubies”



  3. I’m all for making my home a haven for my husband and I know I could be doing a better job! However, this article had some statements that I definitely didn’t agree with. For example, the comment about his topics of discussion being more important than mine was ridiculous. Also, the idea that I must not ever question his actions and that I should always trust his judgement was in my opinion a false belief or statement. We do have defined roles that God has given us, but the Bible also speaks about mutual respect. That is what is lacking in this article.

  4. I wonder how many women back then actually followed this?

    My parents separated when I was about 2 years old (about 7 years after this stuff was written) and I distinctly remember my mother telling me that one night my Dad made her so angry that she hit him over his head with a frying pan!

    I think the idea of this is basically the same as most women’s magazines are today: full of idealistic clap-trap. Whether it’s how to be a perfect mother or wife, or how to be a superwoman with a perfect size 0 figure after having a child it’s all idealistic nonesense and totally unachieveable.

  5. All I can say is….priceless 🙂

  6. awesome article, im gonna make my woman read it

  7. This is how it should be. Men go to work and when they get home their wives know their roles. It would sure make my life easier. My wife would love to be a stay at home mom and take care of my house as she should. After all i am the provider and she can have my dinner ready wheni get home. Oh such a great time for men!!!

    Robert Rogers

  8. While there are some good points made in this article, it was way out of touch with reality such as a “home makers” job is to keep things in order for the whole family, not just for the husband. Home makers have a huge job of keeping the house and nurturing the children on what God has ordained. If you are able to be a stay at home mom, that in itself is a HUGE responsibility no a “list of chores” to do. On the other hand, a mans responsibility is to work and provide for his family. This is also God ordained. A man who chooses not to work falls into mischief, depression, loss of self respect and all kinds of stuff. When our kids were born my husband and I decided to make major changes in our home when I quit my job, we sold our house so that I could be a stay at home mom. We never regretted that decision!! Ladies, be proud to be called a “Home Maker”!!

  9. I actually do all of these thngs except the “know your place,” and the letting the guy stay out all night. I actually do find pleasure in keeping my man happy, but I think he finds joy in making me happy too.

  10. The good ol’ days

  11. I agree completely with this article I found this a few years ago and I have since made sure I do everything writen in the article everyday. I have been married for 13 years we have 4 boys together. As a wife I know my place and I stay in it. I am very happy and my family is happy and very peaceful. I would suggest to any women who might be having problems in the marriage to try and let go of some of the control let ur husband drive focus on ur household chores and on his needs for alittle bit and I will see a change in him and itself and ur family.

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