Thank You, Illinois Family Institute

I didn’t get around to it last week but I wanted to thank Dave Smith of the Illinois Family Institute for coming to our Church weekend before last and explaining how IFI is on the front lines in Springfield and in Illinois standing up for Marriage & Family, Life & Liberty. IFI works to inform the Illinois Pro-life and Pro-family voters on current legislation, they also lobby our legislators and provide voter guides on the candidates in upcoming elections. They also work to defeat legislation that threatens religious liberty.

Dave Smith and IFI have obviously become effective enough in Illinois to become an object of ridicule from the radical anti-family, anti-life forces here in Illions. Here an example of a cartoon featured in the Springfield State Journal-Register

Here also are a few other examples of how IFI is hated by the radicals here in Illinois: here and here

Please consider supporting IFI.

If you would like to know more or sign up for their informative email “IFI E-Alerts” you can contact them at:


Also, Dave’s Blog can be found here

Dave, Thank you for your work here in Illinois

Larry Temple


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