The Myth of Political Neutrality

Can A Dead Man Resurrect Himself?

I have been having a discussion with my friend Silas on his blog about Calvinism and am hoping that he will discover from this video that Calvinism is perfectly “logical”and not “inconsistent with human reason”…

You can see our discussion here and here and here

Is Britain Finished?

This is an excellent article on the political demise of Britan by Lee Duigon at Chalcedon…

The Sovereign, the Elite, and the Machinery of Manipulation

Ruben Alvarado at Common Law Review has an excellent post on how the elite manipulate both the people and the politicians toward their own ends. I highly recommend this post to you, I myself found it very insightful…

Alvarado’s books (the ones I’ve read) Authority Not Majority: The Life and Times of Friedrich Julius Stahl and A Common-Law: The Law of Nations and Western Civilization along with a few very interesting articals at Contra Mundum I reccomend to you as well.

I find that his broad historical knowledge, along with his biblical worldview always bring interesting insights to today’s problems.

From the River to the Ends of the Earth (in 2 Minutes)

Give the king Your judgments, O God,
And Your righteousness to the king’s Son.
He will judge Your people with righteousness,
And Your poor with justice.
The mountains will bring peace to the people,
And the little hills, by righteousness.
He will bring justice to the poor of the people;
He will save the children of the needy,
And will break in pieces the oppressor.

They shall fear You
As long as the sun and moon endure,
Throughout all generations.
He shall come down like rain upon the grass before mowing,
Like showers that water the earth.
In His days the righteous shall flourish,
And abundance of peace,
Until the moon is no more.

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea,
And from the River to the ends of the earth.
Those who dwell in the wilderness will bow before Him,
And His enemies will lick the dust.
The kings of Tarshish and of the isles
Will bring presents;
The kings of Sheba and Seba will offer gifts.
Yes, all kings shall fall down before Him;
All nations shall serve Him.

For He will deliver the needy when he cries,
The poor also, and him who has no helper.
He will spare the poor and needy,
And will save the souls of the needy.
He will redeem their life from oppression and violence;
And precious shall be their blood in His sight.

And He shall live;
And the gold of Sheba will be given to Him;
Prayer also will be made for Him continually,
And daily He shall be praised.

There will be an abundance of grain in the earth,
On the top of the mountains;
Its fruit shall wave like Lebanon;
And those of the city shall flourish like grass of the earth.

His name shall endure forever;
His name shall continue as long as the sun.
And men shall be blessed in Him;
All nations shall call Him blessed.

Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel,
Who only does wondrous things!
And blessed be His glorious name forever!
And let the whole earth be filled with His glory.
Amen and Amen.

The prayers of David the son of Jesse are ended.

Psalm 72  NKJV

How Not To Use The Drive Through ATM

This Is Priceless!

Saviors of the World…

Jesus Christ sacrificed himself to save the world – others have sacrificed others in order to save it…

Our world is full of ideological  “isms”. Marxism, Nazism, Feminism (abortion), Environmentalism (see my post below) etc. What many of these “isms” have in common is that they see themselves as “saviors” who are either fighting some sort of injustice or saving us from some impending disaster.

People who are driven by these ideological “isms” are willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary to bring about the needed salvation or utopia…

Sacrificing himself for the sake of an idea, he does not hesitate to sacrifice other people for it. Among his contemporaries he sees either merely the victims of the world’s evil he dreams of eradicating or the perpetrators of that evil . . . This feeling of hatred for the enemies of the people forms the concrete and active psychological foundation of his life. Thus the great love of mankind of the future gives birth to a great hatred for people; the passion for organizing an earthly paradise becomes a passion for destruction.

Semyon Frank quoted by Michael Burleigh

For more on this subject I recommend this article titled “The Abusive Exploitation of the Human Religious Sentiment”:Michael Burleigh as Historian of “Political Religion”.