Saviors of the World…

Jesus Christ sacrificed himself to save the world – others have sacrificed others in order to save it…

Our world is full of ideological  “isms”. Marxism, Nazism, Feminism (abortion), Environmentalism (see my post below) etc. What many of these “isms” have in common is that they see themselves as “saviors” who are either fighting some sort of injustice or saving us from some impending disaster.

People who are driven by these ideological “isms” are willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary to bring about the needed salvation or utopia…

Sacrificing himself for the sake of an idea, he does not hesitate to sacrifice other people for it. Among his contemporaries he sees either merely the victims of the world’s evil he dreams of eradicating or the perpetrators of that evil . . . This feeling of hatred for the enemies of the people forms the concrete and active psychological foundation of his life. Thus the great love of mankind of the future gives birth to a great hatred for people; the passion for organizing an earthly paradise becomes a passion for destruction.

Semyon Frank quoted by Michael Burleigh

For more on this subject I recommend this article titled “The Abusive Exploitation of the Human Religious Sentiment”:Michael Burleigh as Historian of “Political Religion”.


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