World’s Youngest Pentecostal Preacher!

Watch this first:

This short clip is classic old fashioned Pentecostal preaching (from the movie the Apostle):

Now watch this – it is priceless:

So do you think he might grow up to become a Pentecostal preacher?


BTW if you haven never seen the movie “The Apostle” it is one of Robert Duvall’s greatest acting performances –  rent it – Duvall is so convincing that whether your a Pentecostal or not you might begin to think that Duvall is actually the real thing!

The trailer to the movie is here


3 Responses

  1. I think this is just wonderful! How old is the baby? How do we know he wasn’t speaking in a heavenly language? This was very encouraging–thank you for posting it. May the Lord ever keep this little man of God in His care.

  2. Misty,

    Thanks for dropping by, I dont know about the heavenly languge thing as I say on my Facebook page: I am an ex-charismatic (“biblical” tongues are not what 20th century Pentecostals say they are) and yet I still believe God heals and does miracles today. I still consider Pentecostals my christian brothers – yet mistaken.

    But I praise God for this youngste because “Out of the mouths of infants thou hast brought forth the praise!”


  3. this is so cute as well as awesome and the parents are doing an amazing job of raising an amazing kid who has hrs heart and mind set on God nothing better. Like they say practice what we preach and he is doing a good job of that.. HIs nfamily and church are probely very proud of him wonderful… just wish we knew what he was saying but itsa still wonderful especially the part where he says one GOD warms my heart.. that someone so pure and little know the truth about GOD..

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