Atheist: I truly believe Africa needs God


This is an amazing article by an atheist (it’s amazing because it comes from an atheist) who admits that Christian evangelism  and conversion, and the Christian worldview it brings to an entire culture is exactly what Africa needs…

You’ll find the article here

This atheist only admits what I have said in the past:

Christianity raised so much of this world out of her ethical debauchery and paganism.  First hand missionary account’s through-out history tell us the same thing. Un-regenerate humanity prizes its Pyramids and Temples – Aztec, Mayan, and Egyptian just to name a few, yet so many of them are monuments to human debauchery, human slavery, and or human sacrifice.

It has been Jesus Christ who has taught men how to live!

Christianity has a long and wonderful history of charity, mercy, compassion, taking care and feeding the poor and destitute, taking in orphans, visiting prisoners and teaching cannibals, not to eat their neighbor!

Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace the only hope for this poor fallen world

And of the increase of His government and His kingdom there shall be no end!


And for all you smart mouth atheists who will undoubtedly make rude and foolish comments, next time you feel like being an evangelist for your atheism instead of picking on simple minded Christians, why don’t you  start your missionary adventure face-to-face with a tribe of cannibals like so many Christians missionaries have in the past…           Also by the way, next time you get sick, try going to St. Atheist Memorial Hospital…


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