Messianic Leaders…

Hitler holds a fascination for us because his dictatorship enjoyed such wide support of the people.  Perhaps never in history was a dictator so well liked.  He had the rare gift of motivating a nation to want to follow him.  Communist leaders such as Lenin or Mao Tse-tung arose to power through revolutions that cost millions of lives; consequently they were hated by the masses.  Hitler attracted not only the support of the middle class but also of the university students and professors.  For example, psychologist Carl Jung grew intoxicated with “the mighty phenomenon of national Socialism at which the whole world gazes in astonishment.”


Hitler arose in Germany at a time when the nation was a democracy.  He obtained his power legitimately, if unfairly.  The nation was waiting for him, eager to accept a demagogue who appeared to have the talent needed to lead her out of the abyss.  The people yearned for a leader who would do for them what democracy could not.

Erwin W. Lutzer in Hitler’s Cross


2 Responses

  1. Democracy is a flawed doctrine of the humanists. They believed that, if only Christ and Moral Law could be removed, people would spontaneously become happy, peaceful and intelligent in thought and deed.

    Democracy, however, has turned into the justification for a moral cesspool. It’s why men such as Hitler win elections. Because, whatever else he did, he did as he promised in terms of the economy, for the unemployed, for thwe farmer. He also, for a while at least, gave Germany back a little of their pride and good self image. Don’t forget, he rose to power in a collapsed, broken and bankrupt nation, having been ruined more throughly by International Finance than US/British/French guns in World War 1.

  2. Amen moralorder…

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