Gay Fascists? I say YES they are…

You Say:

“This is a court ruling issue, not a “gay agenda” thing”.

Jake, what kind of an argument is that? Who is taking who to the court?  The whole so-called “human rights” struggle for “equality” as the GLBT community likes to call it and the conservative and Christian resistance is being waged in the courts of LAW!

You speak as though this is some kind of isolated or rare “court ruling” and there’s actually no such thing as a “gay agenda”.   Earth to Mars; it’s gays who are bringing these things to the courts in the first place and it’s not isolated or rare, it’s happening all over the Western world; here are a few more examples (I could provide many, many more if you would like)

Individuals, churches, private businesses and organizations, and religious charitable organizations are being forced against their conscience, they are being dragged into the courts, paying sometimes hefty fines, having their tax exempt status revoked and their religious liberties are being violated:

you say:

I can’t believe we have people believing this conservative garbage: “That’s if the liberal and gay totalitarians don’t kill us and take our children first…”

Gay totalitarians might not want to literally take our children (yet)  but they certainly want to indoctrinate and inculcate them with their worldview:

or take away parental rights over their children:

Sometimes a threat to take away children is literal:

They might not want to “kill” us literally (yet,  but maybe they’ll send us to “re-education centers” or camps instead) but they are moving to take away our rights:

sometimes the threat to kill us is literal:

Whether you want to admit it or not there is a gay agenda:

Which will inevitably end up in the persecution of conservatives and especially of non-compromising traditional and Orthodox Christians.

As I said in my last post, homosexuals are trying to cram their morality down the throats of Conservatives, Christians and their children whether you want to be honest or not. So lets not pretend anymore that GLBT community or even you are totally “tolerant” – no one is.

As for the activist GLBT community, the Christian right has every justification to fear for its civil and religious liberties. You say you want to better understand us, well there you go.



6 Responses

  1. Jesus Christ…. sorry about the blasphemy but this just makes me sick:

    “Gay totalitarians might not want to literally take our children (yet) but they certainly want to indoctrinate and inculcate them with their worldview:”

    YET? So you DO believe that eventually gay people want to take away your children, put you in concentration camps, and abolish free speech? I don’t even think I can have an honest discussion with such a paranoid homophobe! But I’ll try…

    First off – I gave up reading your cited articles because after half of the first one I couldn’t take the paranoid bias anymore. Here is an example:

    “1) Gay activists are aggressively pushing so-called anti-bullying or anti-harassment policies for schools that contain specific references to things like “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” Once passed, they use these policies as legal teeth to enforce things like pro-gay curricula for six- and seven-year-olds.”

    The fact that you don’t see the giant leap of logic here really makes you look uneducated. First off, its vague as hell (a tactic often employed by the Christian right when talking about gay threats to our country), but they say that making rules against bullying people for being gay will result in a pro-gay agenda being pushed on kids? WTF? I can’t even begin to understand the mind that made that leap. THIS IS ALL ABOUT TOLERANCE, not converting kids to be gay (as if it were possible).

    How many gay people do you know? Any? If so – how many of them act or think the way you say we do?

    Gay agenda, huh? In your mind what does that look like? Are we all meeting on Sundays and brainstorming how we can infiltrate your family and brainwash your kids to be gay so that we can steal them away in the night to make them our sex slaves? That isn’t too far from the images I get when I hear conservatives talking about the “gay agenda” in this country. It’s all fear-mongering bullsh*t. The ONLY agenda I have is to have the same rights as every other tax paying citizen in this country – THAT IS IT. I don’t even give a sh*t if you accept my lifestyle. I don’t need your approval to be happy. I just want the government to stop treating me like a second class citizen.

    Now you have said this before about how we are trying to push our morals on you. That is true, but the moral we are trying to get to you is not gay love, it is TOLERANCE. Is that such a bad thing to ask for? Rly? When Christians in this country are using up court room time and money to push for prayer in schools and creationism to be taught along side evolution… Where do you get the gall to say the gays in this country are indoctrinating children?

    Now to address this:
    Jake, what kind of an argument is that? Who is taking who to the court? The whole so-called “human rights” struggle for “equality” as the GLBT community likes to call it and the conservative and Christian resistance is being waged in the courts of LAW!

    I love you downplay “human rights” and “equality” as if they were some new idea that we came up with. Just goes to show how far removed you are from the value system that the constitution lays out. Do you realize how much prejudice and intolerance has been overcome in the last half-century? Gay couples can go for walks now, they can go to a gay bar, they can kiss in public – all without being beaten to within an inch of their lives or put in jail. That is a HUGE step up from what it was 50 years ago. Don’t act like we don’t have a reason to be pissed about the way we have been treated. We were oppressed for too long. So many good men and women suffered because of people like you, and your bigotry. We just want to coexist peacefully. We just want the laws in this great country to be fair and balanced for ALL Americans – no matter your walk of life (and that includes Christians like yourself). Trust me – I DO NOT approve of your religion. I think it does little else than spread ignorance and prejudice. BUT, I have my own personal set of values which happen to include equality for all – that means you get to be Christian even though I hate your religion. THAT is tolerance. THAT is what I am asking you to do. Notice how I don’t say I will tolerate you only if you tolerate me. I already tolerate you because I stick my values. That is more than you can say to me… so who is the real Christian here?

    You know, I can’t believe that I am having to teach a f*cking Christian about tolerance. What did Christ say was the most important commandment of all? “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.” Did he say “only love your neighbor if he is the same creed as you and has the same values”? No, he didn’t. So grow up and stop hating and fearing people because of your ignorance.

    And yes, you ARE ignorant. You have no idea what makes people gay, yet you choose to say that you DO know and that it is a choice. As if the devil came to me one night and said “You know, Jake, if you become gay you will burn in eternity” and I said “okay!”. Tell me this – when did you choose to be straight? When did you wake up and say “hmmm, I think I will develop a crush on a girl today”. You didn’t – because love just happens.

    The Christian right’s smear tactic against gays is just as sickening. God’s chosen using such devious tactics makes you wonder. I mean, I heard fox news talking about a story saying that some teacher in one of the east coast states was “indoctrinating” children with her “gay agenda”. You know what it turned out to be after about 4 minutes of research on the web? She was talking about family structures – Nuclear families (Christians today like to call it a “traditional family” even though it is NOT the majority in this country thanks to all you hetero’s divorcing half the time.), single parent families, grandparents raising kids, and same-sex parent families. She did not glorify any one over another. She was just teaching the kids that different family structures exist and that it is okay if you come from a family with only one parent, if your grandparents take care of you, or if you have two daddies or mommies. That is NOT indoctrination – that is teaching tolerance. Mind you, tolerance is NOT acceptance. It is just tolerance.

    P.S. Still awaiting a non-paranoid response to why gays should not be allowed to marry in the first place.

  2. Jake,

    By just writing off those articles as “bias” and saying you think our fears are just a bunch of “bullsh*” and right-wing conservative propaganda you are really proving to me that you honestly don’t want to see the other side as you said you did – honest dialog doesn’t just dismiss others fears and basically call people stupid, ignorant, and names just because you disagree.

    You really do seem like the others I have encountered on this blog when you resort to ad-hominid name calling, knee-jerk reactions and vitriol. I challenge you to take the time and put yourself in our shoes (best you can even if you disagree – don’t react), read the articles I posted like the NPR article (hardly a right leaning news organization!) showing the inevitable clash between religious liberty and gay rights. Also, How do you explain the real attacks on Christian churches by those in the GLBT community (did you see those)?

    I told you I would get around to each of the other issues you raised so you’ll just have to be politely patient OK (it takes me quite a while to write a thoughtful post not just a knee-jerk reaction)

    It will probably be a month before I address each and every point – I’ve been wanting to get my thoughts out on these issues so when I encounter others with your position in the future I have an honest thoughtful answer ready (that’s why I have a blog).

    As I mentioned, like you I am busy, I have a lot to do over the next few weeks, work (if there is snow or freezing temperatures I get really busy), church (I have to preach on January 3rd and have a lot of prep work to do), family (Christmas shopping and family visits) and home remodeling (I’m putting a new floor and baseboard in) takes time – “patience is a virtue” as the old saying goes.

    Lastly, be careful about what you assume about me, for instance, growing up my best friend was Gay – OK – that said ideas have consequences and as the old saying goes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” – The trajectory of idea’s manifested in real law is the crux of my arguments. Also, please do not assume I’m like other “typical” Christians that you might have argued with in the past – I can tell that you think I am by some of the things you say. For instance my Calvinist puritan theology presupposes a strong “continuity” between the Old and New Covenants (better know as testaments)
    Matt 5:17-19 is a scripture I employ myself much with those other Christians who believe in discontinuity (the OT doesn’t apply crowd)


  3. Larry,
    You are right that I was extremley reactionary in my last reply. But I have to say, it is kind of hard to form a grounded reply to claims like:

    “Gay totalitarians might not want to literally take our children (yet)”

    “They might not want to “kill” us literally (yet, but maybe they’ll send us to “re-education centers” or camps instead) but they are moving to take away our rights”

    BTW: On this last one, y’all are already preventing us from having certain rights, so maybe it is fighting fire with fire?

    Gays stealing families and putting you in concentration camps is definately not starting out on solid ground, Larry. I still look foward to your reply, and should be a little more calm next time.

  4. keep up the good work larry, i gotta read your stuff more and will try to send it around. watching football now… gotta go! god bless! 🙂

  5. Hey Larry,
    Just decided to check back and see if you have replied at all. I can see that you still don’t have a rational reason for which gays should be denied the right to marry (and yes, marriage is a right according to our Supreme Court). Not that I expect you to have a rational reason… it just doesn’t exist as far as I can tell. By the way, I’d like to hear what you think of Judge Walker’s ruling in CA. I think it is sweetly ironic that because all of you Bible thumpers got involved in this legal battle over marriage in California with Prop 8, not only is gay marriage now legal in CA (again), but it will probably go on to be legalized across the whole nation. Thanks for bringing your bigotry out into the public square so we can finally see your true colors and reject your Bronze Age laws for good in this Age of Reason that we live in.

  6. 1) Because your mind is darkened and closed already even if you pretend it’s not – If you can’t see that physiologically nature itself proves that the anus was designed for the expulsion of feces not for a penis like the vagina was than what’s the point – you have become illogical denying nature itself. If you can’t see that male to male sex is a physiologically aberration not even found in the animal kingdom what can I say that would convince you – you want to believe whatever you want and will find any “junk science” just to prove it…

    2) Everyone already has the right to marry (someone of the opposite sex) as all of humanity, all over the globe, has always defined it throughout the ages.

    3) Your just as much of a bigot though you pretend not to be – the tone of your reply gives you away and shows you have no real toleration for Christians who actually believe the ethical precepts found in the Bible (I at least admit there is no such thing as 100% toleration anyway as defined today – it is a shell game people play until they get their side in political control)

    4) You bring your own bigotry and ethical values into the public square why cant I? Who’s calling who a bigot? Let’s not pretend that you don’t believe biblical Christians are “wrong” ethically for standing for traditional marriage (and against homosexual counterfeits) and teaching their children the same, – you do feel we’re “wrong” (which goes to ethics) which is why your posting on my blog .

    5) Do you see what kind of Pandora’s box your opening?: I’ll turn this around on you: You give me answer me a “reasoned” answer (that won’t contradict your very own premises) as to why can’t a woman have five husbands or a man 10 wives if they all consent ? Why cant 3 gay men get married? Isn’t eighteen (or any age) just an arbitrary age where do you get off saying someone else doesn’t have the right to marry a child if the child consents? – The Laws of nature and nature’s God (sound familiar) inform me of what is right and wrong as an ethical standard – what ethical standard informs you and where is your ethical authority derived from?

    6) It doesn’t matter what a judge rules – Just as a judge can”t legislate gravity out of existence he can’t make something that is wrong ethical and normal as if he is God himself – A mere man can’t legislate God’s laws out of existence period. Faithful biblical pastors and Christians will never ever recognize homosexual and sodomite counterfeits as “legitimate” even if some judge says so. The bible teaches peaceful resistance to men who call evil good and good evil and we will resist in our churches and communities (for 2000 years we have resisted to the point of our own blood you know) .

    Lastly when it comes to “reason” you need to read this:

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight.
    Isaiah 5:20-21

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