A Little About Me

Partially from my Facebook page:

Interests: Reading History, Church History, and Theology – My Church (Fox Lake Community Church) – Home Schooling / Christian Education

My Favorite Activities or Things I Enjoy: Discussing Theology, Blogging, Playing Church Softball, Golfing (once and a while) Watching a Chicago Cubs game here and there, Grilling steak or burgers on the backyard grill, Having a dark beer or white wine with a steak and a good cigar afterward…

Favorite Music: Fernando Ortega, Michael Card, John Michael Talbot, Keith Green, Newsboys, Twila Paris, Rich Mullins, JS Bach

Favorite TV Shows: Andy Griffith, The Three Stooges, The Odd Couple, Loony Tunes

Favorite Movies: Bravehart, Gods and Generals, Gettysburg, Moses and the Ten Commandments (with Charton Heston), The Robe, Sargent York, Sound of Music, Chariots of Fire, Martin Luther (1953 Niall MacGinnis), Second Hand Lions, Cromwell (1970 Richard Harris)

I have been married for 22 years (to Sandra Ann ) and have a 21 year old son (Lucas)

I have been a born again Christian for 23 Years

I am a traditional Protestant in the Reformed tradition

I consider myself a Neo-Puritan and Neo-Calvinist

Eschatologically I am a Partial-Preterist / Postmillennialist

On Church Government: I hold to a hybrid of Presbyterian and Congregationalism (both have their proper jurisdictional responsibilities within the local church) – I believe each local church should be autonomous (independent and self governing) yet interdependent and cooperative with other orthodox (true) churches

I ascribe to Federal Theology (or Covenant Theology) therefore I believe children are part of the covenant community (the visible church) and should be treated as such, this is why I am a paedobaptist and hold to paedocommunion.

I strongly believe covenant children should be educated at home or in Christian schools, education isn’t “neutral”, all education is inherently religious in nature because it forms our foundational assumptions or our worldview.

I am an ex-charismatic (“biblical” tongues are not what 20th century Pentecostals say they are) and yet I still believe God heals and does miracles today. I still consider Pentecostals my Christian brothers – yet mistaken.

I am complimentarian when it comes to gender roles. I unapologetically believe the best environment for raising children is in the loving traditional christian patriarchal household (egalitarian androgyny is by nature an impossibility) I believe this is what the Bible teaches implicitly and explicitly. Modern feminists are right in their charge that the bible is patriarchal. God has manifested himself in the masculine (Father/Son) The feminine is included within masculine (male & female together are created in the Imago Dei or Image of God) Nature also manifest this same Principal genetically: xy chromosome (male) xx chromosome (female)

I am a six-day creationist, for me it is exegetically impossible to hold any other position – day means day in both Genesis 1 and Exodus 20. Maybe “yom” (Hebrew for “day”) means other things in other texts but not in Genesis or Exodus Also I have theological problems with other positions (like day-age creationism) which make death happen before the fall

I am a Genesis to Revelation Theonomist (not just the Pentateuch) and believe theonomy is best worked out through traditional common-law as it was in western Christendom. This makes me a kind of paleo-conservative.

I am a economic libertarian and a card carrying member of the Christian Liberty Party

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  1. I just found your blog and I enjoy it very much.


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