If I were an Athiest – I’d be afraid of Classical & Christian Schools too!

These very conservative schools are cropping up all over the country see here

Many of these schools are connected with Churches who help to sponsor low income families…

I once heard one insider say 399 of that churches 400 children were students in their school. (the one that didn’t come, wanted to go some ware else, even though they offered it to the family for free)

If I was an atheist this would scare the dickens out of me!

As one person said on another website – “you gotta love atheists. they complain about Christians being so uneducated and irrational. I went to a humanistic, atheist public school for 12 years and was NEVER offered logic. – boobs”



I would also be afraid of schools like Patrick Henry College as well: (PHC is a non-classical)