Gay Fascists? I say YES they are…

You Say:

“This is a court ruling issue, not a “gay agenda” thing”.

Jake, what kind of an argument is that? Who is taking who to the court?  The whole so-called “human rights” struggle for “equality” as the GLBT community likes to call it and the conservative and Christian resistance is being waged in the courts of LAW!

You speak as though this is some kind of isolated or rare “court ruling” and there’s actually no such thing as a “gay agenda”.   Earth to Mars; it’s gays who are bringing these things to the courts in the first place and it’s not isolated or rare, it’s happening all over the Western world; here are a few more examples (I could provide many, many more if you would like)

Individuals, churches, private businesses and organizations, and religious charitable organizations are being forced against their conscience, they are being dragged into the courts, paying sometimes hefty fines, having their tax exempt status revoked and their religious liberties are being violated:

you say:

I can’t believe we have people believing this conservative garbage: “That’s if the liberal and gay totalitarians don’t kill us and take our children first…”

Gay totalitarians might not want to literally take our children (yet)  but they certainly want to indoctrinate and inculcate them with their worldview:

or take away parental rights over their children:

Sometimes a threat to take away children is literal:

They might not want to “kill” us literally (yet,  but maybe they’ll send us to “re-education centers” or camps instead) but they are moving to take away our rights:

sometimes the threat to kill us is literal:

Whether you want to admit it or not there is a gay agenda:

Which will inevitably end up in the persecution of conservatives and especially of non-compromising traditional and Orthodox Christians.

As I said in my last post, homosexuals are trying to cram their morality down the throats of Conservatives, Christians and their children whether you want to be honest or not. So lets not pretend anymore that GLBT community or even you are totally “tolerant” – no one is.

As for the activist GLBT community, the Christian right has every justification to fear for its civil and religious liberties. You say you want to better understand us, well there you go.


Gay Fascism

Chris Ortiz at Chalcedon had this video from Canada posted.

This is ultimately where “Hate Crime” laws lead, the silencing of Christians and Preachers even in their pulpits: