Review of Ben Stein’s New Movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”

Last week I was able to go to a test screening of the movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” which opens in theaters Friday April 18th.


All I can say is that Ben Stein has put together a masterful documentary mixing a bit of satire with a serious topic. Ben’s dry humor was perfect for this type of undertaking.

The movie isn’t so much about ID (Intelligent Design) as it is about just how bad atheistic bigotry is in the academic institutions of this country.

The atheistic community will stop at no ends to stop any scientific inquiry if it questions current darwinian dogma. It shows how these folks will slander, lie, or destroy anyone who doesn’t tow the “purely naturalistic” line. As Ben points out, when it comes to what they deem as “science” – free speech, free expression, and free inquiry in is out of the the question. For them there is no debate.

I personally found the movie thoroughly enjoyable. However, if I were an atheist, I would have a hard time sitting through this movie as Ben continually pokes fun at their blatant bigotry, idiotic arguments, and showing just how silly they really are. Ben also unapologetically shows how darwinian “natural selection” dogma – if it is taken to its logical extreme, produces ideologies like eugenics and Nazi Aryanism (look under “The Holocaust”) (also see “Action T4” here and “Racial hygine” here)

So for a good night of seriousness and fun, I suggest you bring your atheist friends along and watch them squirm and get all flustered, just like the leading proponent of atheism, Richard Dawkins did when Ben questioned him in the movie.

Also as an aside, atheists have been gearing up for this movie for a long time now, trying to discourage and discredit the movie before it even comes out. (There has been atheists trolling blogs with the movie title in it for months – I had one here, see my other posts on the subject under “Answering Atheism and Evolution“)

Currently these folks are trying to stir up a bit of controversy with the movie already (which never hurts a movie now days) see here and here.


(If you would like to see a trailer of the movie go here)

BTW: I say to all you atheists, as I said to my atheist friend “onein6billion”on this blog: “Do you remember when the Catholic Church defended Aristotle’s geocentric world-view? How does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot – defending the old stinky outdated fairy-tale “origin stories” of biological evolution?”

Atheist Scientists in Uproar over Movie Showing Intolerance of Evidence for Intelligent Design

This is article is about the upcoming Ben Stein movie called “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” that will be coming out in February (the website says “spring of 08′). Here is the trailer, it looks like it will be interesting and fun!

By the way:

The dictionary definition of bigotry is: stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.

I think that is the new definition of a darwinian athiest!