Adolf Hitler, Darwinism’s “Black Eye”

My dialog with “onein6billion” on my entry titled “Atheist Scientists in Uproar over Movie Showing…” continues on a different issue:

onein6billion said:

“The other point about the movie is that it wants to link Darwin (evolution) with Hitler. This is wrong in so many ways. There is a web site with a lot of information about how Hitler used Christians and Christianity as part of his anti-Semitism.

One analogy – Einstein (physics) should be blamed for Hiroshima. Quite similar to evolution should be blamed for the actions of a megalomaniac.

So do you really want to see this lying political propaganda movie?”



Your reasoning is flawed – you are comparing apples (Hitler’s “natural selection” ideology) with oranges (Einstein’s discoveries and subsequent inventions). You fail to understand that “ideas” (or philosophies) have ideological consequences.

Evil people pull triggers, but it is ideology that shapes their decision making…

And by the way, of course Hitler used the Church as well as everyone else. Evil men will use anything at their disposal (Christian theology calls that sin of course) just like today, and because many in the German church accepted higher criticism (liberal theology) they were ripe for error, see:

This “higher criticism” ideology (which had consequences of its own course) darkened the minds of many in the German Churches to Hitler’s real agenda.

This apostasy of the liberal German Church still does not prove that Hitler’s ideological presuppositions were not shaped by the darwinian doctrine of “natural selection”, they absolutely were! Also, remember today just as then in Hitlers day, there were faithful and true Christians, see:

To prove the point, have you ever heard of “eugenics”? Creating the “Master Aryan Race”?

Evolutionary “natural selection” in its purest ideology, when it is accepted, has a certain trajectory that leads to certain kinds of conclusions. Natural selection (as a doctrine) is about raw power, power that leads to the strong killing the weak so that only the best will survive  (and this need to happen, for the survival of the race according to Darwin and Hitler) .

Christianity too, in its purest ideology, has a certain trajectory that sees the “image of God” in even the weakest of human beings. Christianity in it purest ideological form, leads naturally to Compassion for the weak which is why it will always win the masses.

To prove the “ideological trajectory”” point further, very recently – one of the high “religious” priests of Atheism, Richard Dawkins raised the ugly issue of eugenics once again, proving where the darwinian world-view leads to (certain conclusions):

Now, I’m not saying that “all” atheist’s follow their world-view to it’s logical ends, because like everyone else (including Christians) people do not always act consistently with their world-view. Never the less, Hitler did act consistently, with his darwinian world-view, and his ideology lead to certain undeniable consequences…

In regard to this issue, if this is what the movie presents, like it or not, it will be presenting the truth.

Sorry my friend, the truth will set you free…